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Creative and Innovative website design and development in Horsforth, Leeds. Helping your business with brand awareness, online presence, and increase revenue, without the stress.

In a Nutshell

Here's what you'll get

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Your new website, built from the ground up, will look great on whatever device you or your customers use. Tailored to your requirements, no matter the service you provide, I'll get your business online, ready to gain, convert and retain more customers.

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So you need a new website to help get your business online but you don't have a logo or your current logo needs an update. If this is you, as part of your website package, I'll design a new logo at no extra cost. I'll just need you to answer a few questions to help me get started.

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As users search online for services related to your business, you'll need them to find you. So as standard, SEO support will be provided to help your site rank higher in search results. This way, the higher your website ranks, the more visible you'll become to potential customers.

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Digital marketing support will be provided to help you reach as many potential customers as possible. Whether through social media, email or web-based advertising (Google Ads for example), we can work together on a strategy to help you realise your business goals.

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Whether you have a domain name for your website or not, I can help to either transfer your existing domain away from your current provider or purchase and register a new one. Whatever you decide, you'll retain ownership of your domain name either way.

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When your new website is launched and becomes "live", post-launch support is provided to take care of any changes you may wish to make to fit your business needs. If you're not selling products on your new website then this is provided at no extra cost.

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I love my website - it's unique and exactly what I asked for. Martyn is hard working and always there to answer my questions. thank you!

- Rachel, Director @ Angelic Solutions

How It All Comes Together

Your local website designer, Horsforth, Leeds

Step One - The Setup

Once you've chosen JusMnM Solutions to build your new website, you'll receive a shortlist of setup questions for you to answer, to help me get started on your new project.

Don't worry though if you're not sure what you want as we'll be able work together to create something tailored to you and your business. All while making sure to optimise your online presence.

If you have a website already, we can transfer the domain over to JustMnM Solutions or I can help purchase and register a brand new domain for you.

Step Two - The Design

When I get your answers back, here's where website design and development begins. I'll get to work and produce a draft design of your website, including any key elements you wish to use and pages you wish to include as well.

Once I hand the design over to you, you'll be able to review and request any changes you wish to make. Be brutal too, and no matter how small any change may be, ask away! I want to make sure you get something that looks and functions exactly the way you need it to.

Step Three - The Implementation

So you love the design and you're happy to move forward? Great! You'll receive a test link which will allow you to view the website before it "goes live". This way, you'll be able to track how the website evolves everytime the website is updated and also gives you the chance to test the site on different devices.

I'll ask you to provide any images and other content you wish to use, and if you have a website already, let me know if there's any content you would like copied over.

If you've chosen to have an ecommerce store set up, I'll help you add your products and set up your payment gateway to enable customers to place their orders and to ensure you get paid accordingly. I'll also be able to add any requested features such as contact or booking forms, galleries, social media feeds and much more.

Step Four - The Quality Check & Testing

Only when you're happy that all required content and features have been added, we'll make a sweep of the website, proofread all copy, make sure all links and forms work correctly, and check that the website can be viewed correctly across multiple display sizes from smartphone, to ipad or tablet, to laptop or PC.

Step Five - Going Live!

Getting to this point usually takes approx 4-6 weeks, and it's at this point that I'll launch your new website for all to see.

You'll receive an email to confirm when this has been done, along with additional information on what to expect next.

Your website will be search engine optimised to rank appropriately on Google's search pages and if required, I can provide additional tools, training and further support with running an ecommerce website, digital marketing and much more to help expand your online reach and get the most out of your new website.

About JustMnM Solutions

Website Design and Development - Horsforth, Leeds

As well as a passionate web designer, I'm a husband, a father and small business owner. I've lived, worked and studied in and around Leeds for over a decade

I love building great user experiences from the ground up and I'm always looking to take on new challenges, help bring businesses online, and help them grow.

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What I Do...

Website Designer - Horsforth, Leeds

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  • • SEO Support
  • • Website Security

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  • • Logo Design
  • • Website Maintenance
  • • Digital Marketing Support

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  • • Free domain
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  • • Free business email address

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